Brian Lawrence

If you want your team members to look out for your company, take proper care of them

Work and your career aren’t all about the money, but money is a very important part of our lives.

We need money to handle our responsibilities and obligations and your primary source of income (aka your day job) is where you focus most of your energy to get what you need to survive.

Sad to say most people aren’t getting paid a livable wage and are struggling to keep up with their bills, payments, families and emergencies that come up.

And because people are struggling, they look for other ways to make up the shortfall. They start to hustle, which pulls their focus from their primary job and causes their performance to drop significantly. But can you blame them?

Employers, why not change that? Instead of taking advantage of people because they’re desperate for work, why not pay them what they need to be comfortable and grow in the current economic climate?

Employers, why not foster company loyalty by taking proper care of your team, and helping them to take care of what matters to them? That way they can focus more on being a more productive member of your team.

You see, most companies don’t care enough about their employees to find out what they truly want and help them get it – they care more about results. As a result their team feels unappreciated, undercompensated and overworked, so they go looking for a better work environment.