Brian Lawrence

No visible progress doesn’t mean there’s no progress

Many times we go after a goal and set these huge expectations for ourselves and for life, and then get disappointed when we don’t progress as fast as we want to, or worse, don’t see any progress at all.

There are some things you do to improve your life that don’t display that improvement right away. And sometimes the progress you’re making is there, but it’s not obvious because you’ve been in the trenches so long that you don’t realize that things are different.

Just because you can’t visibly see a change or an improvement in your situation, doesn’t mean that things aren’t changing. We’re always learning and growing and adapting because we’re human, and that’s our nature.

It might be difficult, but try not to feel discouraged because you’re not seeing the results you want right away. Remember a seed starts forming a shoot in the ground LONG before you see any kind of plant come up.

Be patient with yourself and your process. And remember to take a step back sometimes so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.