Brian Lawrence

Stop requiring that one person do multiple jobs – you’re breeding inefficiency

I see too often that companies cram 4, 5, 6 or even 7+ roles together and want a single person to do them WELL… ALL THE TIME. That’s not only unreasonable, it’s impossible.

Each role that someone does requires a completely different mindset, and it takes a lot of time and energy for someone to effectively switch from one type of task (e.g. from graphic design to copywriting) and then get to a flow state where they can churn out a high volume of high quality work.

Oh, and let’s not forget these same companies come down on you for “not being productive” or “not fulfilling the requirements of your role” when you ultimately don’t do everything on your plate.

If you want great work, want to get it on time and want your team to still be alive when they’re done, you need to:
1. Hire people for each of the roles you need
2. Outsource work if you can’t hire right away, and
3. If you can’t pay up for new team members or consultants, you need to prioritize the work you need done and shelf the less pressing things till you can.