Brian Lawrence

Throwing money at bad content makes your brand look terrible

No matter how much money you throw at sucky content, it will always be, well… sucky.

If you post content that doesn’t resonate with anyone, is boring, is always salesy or is offensive, then your message won’t get far. In fact, seeing too much content like that annoys people because it interrupts their experience on whatever platform they’re using.

Throwing money at annoying content so it reaches more people will only increase the number of annoyed people that you have looking at your content – because the algorithms favour ads over everything and now you’re flooding people’s timelines with things that they don’t want to see.

We post things that we like and are comfortable with, but remember that part of being (respectfully) social is letting people choose whether or not they actually want to consume your content. Don’t try to force it down their throats by putting money behind it, especially if you KNOW they won’t like it.