Brian Lawrence

Post better job descriptions when you’re recruiting

This one is for the employers.

If you want to attract, and ultimately keep, people who are right for your team, you need to post far better job listings than you’re posting right now.

That means:

✅️ Stop cramming 2, 3, 4 or 5+ roles into one

✅️ Taking the time to figure out exactly who you need on your team, what you need them to do and why you need them to do it

✅️ Outlining how working with your brand will not just improve YOUR COMPANY, but will also improve THEIR LIVES in ways that truly matter to them, and

✅️ Making it clear who is NOT a good fit for the role

Getting the right people on your team starts before you publish that listing. So, give it some more thought and post with some more compassion and consideration.