Brian Lawrence

The 4 laws of traction

Every creative professional wants to hone their craft, be recognized for their work, and make a living doing something they really enjoy. That means they want traction. There are 4 things you need to gain some serious traction in a creative career (and in any career, really): 1. PASSION – What kind of work do […]

What makes you valuable in the job market?

What makes you valuable in the job market? I’ve Been wanting to post on topics like this for a while now, and I’ve finally made some time to do it. So many times we’re caught up thinking that we’re not good enough or not valuable enough to employers or clients. But what does it mean […]

The start is always the hardest part

Every media producer, designer, marketer and creator has felt a block up whenever it comes to starting something new. You see, continuing along a path is easy once you’re on it. But there’s a tension builds up when you want to start something that makes you feel more afraid to go than excited to push […]

If you want to create more, make content that feels natural to you

If you want to start creating more content more consistently, you need to draw for something that feels like second nature when you’re making it. Take some time and think about what you actually like doing – writing, speaking, design, making videos – and then start doing more of that.

Take regular breaks, or your body will take them for you

Burnout is real. We’re not machines. We can’t keep going and going without proper rest and food, and still expect to perform at our best for our families, friends and careers. And even machines need downtime for servicing, updates and repairs. If you don’t make the time and take the breaks you KNOW you need, […]

Nobody likes ads

Whether it’s a billboard, TV or social media, no one wants to be interrupted in the middle of what they’re doing just so you can try to sell something to them. It’s better to make valuable content based on what you do that helps people to solve a problem they’re having so that you can […]