Brian Lawrence

No visible progress doesn’t mean there’s no progress

Many times we go after a goal and set these huge expectations for ourselves and for life, and then get disappointed when we don’t progress as fast as we want to, or worse, don’t see any progress at all. There are some things you do to improve your life that don’t display that improvement right […]

Bulk create your content

If you want to be more consistent with posting on your socials, your website, YouTube or on a podcast, you need to start creating your posts in bulk. Life is too busy to always be producing media on the fly. And if an emergency or something more pressing comes up, you’ll make that a priority […]

Confidence is built through repeated success

If you want to get better at doing something, not only do you actually need to do it, but you need to repeat it till you’re sure you can do it very well and do it on command. To get confident in your ability to do something you need to practise. People who are at […]

Throwing money at bad content makes your brand look terrible

No matter how much money you throw at sucky content, it will always be, well… sucky. If you post content that doesn’t resonate with anyone, is boring, is always salesy or is offensive, then your message won’t get far. In fact, seeing too much content like that annoys people because it interrupts their experience on […]

Don’t lie to yourself

We all want something – many things actually. But usually we end up denying our desires for what we want because we either think it makes us selfish, or other people tell us it’s impossible to get/do, or no one you know has ever gotten/done it before. In the same breath we also tell ourselves […]

Don’t forget the social part of social media

So, I still struggle with this one. Being successful on social media isn’t about jumping onto a platform, posting something and expecting that millions (or even thousands) of people are going to see you and like and comment and follow your profile. Try to remember the SOCIAL aspect of social media. Engage other people and […]

Post better job descriptions when you’re recruiting

This one is for the employers. If you want to attract, and ultimately keep, people who are right for your team, you need to post far better job listings than you’re posting right now. That means: ✅️ Stop cramming 2, 3, 4 or 5+ roles into one ✅️ Taking the time to figure out exactly […]

Use what you have to get where you want to be

Too often we make the mistake of thinking we need to have more to make progress – more money, more resources, more people, more attention. The truth is, while having more might (sometimes) help you get to your next goal faster, at any given moment you already have everything you need to take the next […]